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“Her thoughts, half-formed, tumbled over one another, nonsensical and overwhelming. Images of her parents, her mom mostly, flickered through her mind as a realization grew within her, rising from the pit of her stomach, finally forming the coherent thought that there were going to be repercussions for the conversation she’d just had with Jeremy. Her world would change—it had already, though she couldn’t yet feel it and couldn’t fathom what those changes might be. The foundation built of all she knew was shifting beneath her feet as she wobbled.”

With two months left to her senior year, engineering student Austin Nobel is preparing for a summer trip to France, which includes obtaining a passport. However, when she receives her birth certificate in the mail with the wrong name on it, Austin uncovers much more than she imagined while trying to correct the mistake, including that she was adopted, something her parents had kept secret from everyone.



REBECCA TUCKER earned a BA in English, as well as a BS in Operational Meteorology, and splits her time between writing fiction and working as a global marketing director for a research and consulting firm. When she’s not at her desk, she is busy pursuing numerous geeky hobbies (that she rotates every few months to fit them in), such as astronomy, rockhounding, and fossil hunting. She lives in South Central Texas with her wife of 21 years, two dogs, and a few cats, the true number of which she will never reveal.